Free as a bird


My envy towards birds is uncontrollable for God gave them the ability to fly and soar with the season

I would lay on the beach and imagine myself with wings and soar over the ocean blue with summer breeze under my wings

I can only dream of being perched on the Statue of Liberty as the sounds of New York City would be my melody of life

Somedays I would sit in the park and think how wonderful it must be to fly over the Rockies Mountains with the cold winter winds or with the summer rain in Seattle

While I am imprisoned to the laws of gravity, I closed my eyes and my wings would grow, I fly to the top of the Eifel Tower, soar over the Great Wall of China, and fly with Micheal Jordan to the top of Sears Tower 

Then I would visit the Great Pyramids after I finish drinking from the Euphrates river but once I open my eyes I'm back to the reality of my limitations

That I would never be as a free as a bird!!!





This is beautiful!


Thank you very much

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