What is the one thing in this world that I would change?

Why are young men and women doping out of school everyday?

The one thing that my heart longs to see changed,

Is to stop that inner city minority from getting shot today. 


What is the one thing in this world that I'd change?

Why have we killed our own flesh and blood?

The one thing I yearn to see changed,

Is that murderous mind control.


What is the one thing in this world I would change?

Murder is hate; unleashed instead of tamed.

Then again I asked myself, "How do you tame whats on the brain?"


I want to see a change in the mind.

Do I need a magnifying glass?

No! To see the brain  we look at the statistics of the next graduating class.


I want to see a change in my community.

Do I need to be the police?

No! I just need to never see the yellow tape across the street. 


I want to see less killings of the kids who are statistically pinned,

and economically frustrated, and then misrepresented. 

I want to see them break free from pen and pick up a pen.

Write something beautiful about the world they live in. 


What one thing would I change in this world?

I'd free all the slaves of Willie Lynch. 



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