You and I,

Together we light up the sky.


You as the radiant sun,

Burning bright and warming this skeptical heart.

And I as the ever-faithful moon;

Illuminating and lighting your way home from the very start.


You are my safe-haven.

The hopeful glimpse of shoreline for the fisherman lost at sea.

Yet you are also my life’s biggest adventure.

Full of uncharted territory waiting to be discovered, don’t you agree?


You blew life back into this empty shell;

And brought me out of my own personal hell.


I cannot say you complete me,

Because I have always been whole on my own.

Yet still, there is a familiarity there that has me convinced

We were once one soul split in two, never to end up alone.


I could say how I wish I’d found you sooner.

However, HIS timing is perfect; he knew we both still had work to do.

With each unanswered prayer I realize now,

HE was preparing me for something better than I initially knew.


Destined to be tethered forever;

Feeling the inevitable, invisible pull through space and time.

I recognize your eyes from a past life;

Two magnets in pursuit of their once in a lifetime.


You are crimson fireworks,

A breath of fresh air.

It is hard not to sit and in awe of you stare.


Connected by nothing short of divine design;

A lover, a best friend, and one to call… all mine.


You know what you signed up for;

For it is only at first that love is blind; blind it may be.

But to the flaws and the demons that we think handicap us;

Instead to our soulmate, set us free.


How lucky am I to experience this raw emotion as it was intended to be;

Unapologetic, unconditional, a place to be our true-selves living life, absolutely free.




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