I take a deep breath and I feel the evil exiting,
His will is in me and I know I’m finally listening
Goosebumps and shaky hands as I know this is real
Can’t play pretend when the light is shinning, it’s my time to reveal
All my secrets and past encounters,
Lay out my soul on the table without worrying if it doesn’t meet your standards.
Too long I stayed quiet and contempt with my restrictions
These words were my prison and there weren’t hours for visitations.
I knew it wasn’t my fault… At least I know that now,
But in the moment I just couldn’t understand why I had been consistently let down.
Let down by the expectations placed on my existence
I could only amount to what ever they thought fitting,
Whether that be a maid, a mother, or a cook but an educated women, ha are you kidding?
Never to be more.
So I stand here today kicking down that door.
See my resistance would not be resolved with violence that would only justify their claims
My intentions are to break away from those templates in a manner that still retains
My honor and pride, which was taught to me as a toddler by my mother.
She taught me to stand tall knowing my intelligence was the attribute that would get me further.
See it makes my heart cringe and crumble when I witness women who allow themselves this path
When they become brain washed into thinking education equals opportunity just isn’t correct math.
And as I said before, progress will never be accomplished with harm.
So unplanned conception in our teenage years hurts us as a whole like a broken arm.
These actions are not ones to applaud, no matter what others may encourage
Times have changed and just because our parents’ circumstances allowed this doesn’t mean we can’t make different in order for us to flourish.
Instead of altering myself to fit the mold my grandma pictured, I paint a different one in my future.
One with the opportunity to speak for myself and have my degree carve my future.
This cultural tribulation is close to my heart for I know how difficult it is to resist
And I’m not saying it’s the wrong way to live, but maybe it’s not something to cross off your list.
Even though these expectations can feel like limitations, know there’s always a second option
And there will continue to be those who object but that the furthest of their action.
So when you stand as a strong woman and allow your self to see
The beauty of loving yourself, now that’s what it means to be free.


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