Freckle Face



They crowd my face.

A new one always ready to join. 


I feel there is no more room on my face.

All my thoughts can amount to the dots on my face.

Just as the seemingly infinite stars in the night sky,

My freckles are always adding one more to their ranks.

Behind my speckled face is a brain working overtime with no pay.

Really? That's what you said


Who cares?

You are getting fat.

It's too much.

It's just too much.

My thoughts go on like a news ticker always refreshing itself.

My thoughts keep me awake, until my body finally prevails and I go to sleep.

My dreams are filled with useless thoughts and scenarios.

Useless like these stupid freckles.

These freckles cloud my face.

They prevent my beauty from showing.

The negative thoughts swarm in.

My brain has decided to start drowning in negativity.

How do I stop it?



One positive aspect to keep me afloat.

One positive trait?





They represent my heritage




My copper dots hide my newly found teenage acne epidemic.

They compliment my rust colored hair, and blue eyes.

I have learned to wear these sun spots as badges of honor.

My face will never be smooth like a porcelain doll.

My negative thoughts will never disappear.

Learning to love me is one positive fact at  a time. 

Flaws make me better than a porcelain doll.

They make me human.

I am more capable than what my brain thinks I can do.



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