Fragile Today

Fragile today. 
Fragile and I realized that I have no home.
Dropping pieces, holding the phone, realizing I have no one to call.
Fragile and…
Please don’t speak too loudly or I might just drop the ball,
And tell you that I’ve been cracking from the inside out, my shell hasn’t been doing too well lately.


But only today.

Fragile today and my inability to make up my mind and be one person or another seems like enough to…
Fragile today and I think maybe I’m ready to…
No I’m not ready, or maybe I am. 
No I’m not. 
I’ll think about this later. 
Fragile today and I don’t want a later.
Fragile today and I’m trying to truly care about something,

It is a danger to run out of reasons.

Fragile today and I’m trying to keep my glass shards together but my hands are bleeding. 
Fragile today and I’m ready to drop them all.
Fragile today and I still have no one to call.
I’ll never have anyone to call.


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