The Fragile Little Porcelain Doll

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 11:07 -- Quristy

The Fragile Little Porcelain Doll

Maybe they think she's a fragile little porcelain doll that will break if they drop her so they try not to at first, but when they do drop her and she doesn't break they have to drop her again. They keep going out of curiosity to see how far they can go without breaking her. Each time a little harder or higher up. With each new person who enters her life come more curiosity and more cracks. Until eventually she does break, but they can't see it. So they keep dropping her more and more. And so they start to think she's not a porcelain doll like they first thought she was. It only gets worse. But in truth the shattered remains of what she is on the inside are slowly becoming smaller pieces so each time they leave it's harder to fix her. And sometimes someone comes along and sees that she is shattered and tries to glue her back together, but they never get to finish because while they're trying to fix her the others still drop her because they can't see through the dolls pretty smile. So as the doll tries to be strong and keep that smile on her face and head held high. They keep dropping her. They want to see the smile on the outside break because they are blind to the fact that she is already broken shattered in fact on the inside. And even though her smile is still in tact the rest of her is broken and eventually when the glue runs out her smile will shatter too and the only thing that will be left is the memory of what a beautiful little porcelain doll the girl used to be.

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