Four Words

There are words which are greatly feared

As though our shackles lay in wake

For the day those words we're heard to say

HATE is the first

Dark in its nature yet comforting as well

Spoken in anger or whispeared alone

Forgotten by lovers and praised by the damned

My enemies will hate long after I've forgotten

The first word is said

The shackles are bound

Only one link connecting them for now

FORGOTTENs the second

Ironically the word won't be remembered

Leaving the lips of all from the past 

Brining the end to a time long ago

But once its forgotten you have nowhere to go

The second has sliped silently through

The weight has now added

As your one shackle now turns to two

LOST is the third

simple yet defening when echoed in silence

confussing and panicked when mentioned

A place you once where is now nowhere at all

Now your lost and the shackles have grown

The third is spoken no one to help you 

The truth to be told is the pain thats inside

the shackles are adding past five, you've lost count


LOVE is the fourth

The word that lost meaning

an is feared in the least

love is damnation to those who dont beleieve

love is the fourth because it can set you free

The fourth has been found 

And the shackles will bust 

They were never trully there 

But love was never present and thats why it happened





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