The Fountain Top has a Tip

A slight rumble, a faint grumble, it starts

And works its course ’til it wins over her heart

The ambiance urges, pushing her to merge and

Without further warning, she's caught in the upsurge

The slight tingle at first, the sudden rush that follows

She silences the struggle and dwells in the shallows

“There is no good here” but she turns her ear

The moment feels right; there’s nothing to fear

Yes, convinced, she adjusts, heart bruising her bust

This: the only path to satisfaction, she trusts

So deeper and faster and higher she soars

And all the while the Truth she ignores

'Til high at the crowning, where gravity's defied

She's binged on what fills no cavity inside

But all highs have lows, how Newton would boast

For gravity is felt best when opposed most

In the seconds that follow, her euphoria abates

Vulnerable, numb, burst apart, she precipitates

Oh, that she would refuse the rounds to come

Lest the drug cycle her 'til she succumbs


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