Found My Crown

I wanted the new shoes and all the trues

To get the attention of little dudes

And to fit in with the cruel

Because my naive self thought that was cool


I craved validation from the crowd

I felt peer pressure to be loud


Because it wasn’t cool not to fit the stereotype

Always felt like I had to fight

Didn’t know how I was going to make it through life

There were multiple attempts to end it


I didn’t have the strength to face it anymore

I wasn’t aware of the love and strength God gave me to sore


Now I’m in college

And my mind on some different ish

I’m realizing it’s ok to be “ that different chick”


It’s ok to put yourself first

In this grimy world

You better know your worth


Be the one in your family to break the generational curse 

No matter who it hurts


Now my main priority is to be better 

As a kid my main priority was to get that cheddar


NO I’m trying to feed more than my stomach

If I would have stuck with my old mindset

I would have been plummeted



My main focuses are feeding my mind and my soul

Because I’m too busy building a life I can be proud of when I’m old


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