Found Love


United States
36° 6' 53.298" N, 115° 16' 40.1952" W

The two of us lay silent and still
In the midst of the clear summer breeze
I blinked my eyes a few more times
This must be a dream; give my arm a squeeze
We spoke no words, yet I felt his love
I could spend the rest of my being right here
Under the golden sunset casting its final rays
These feelings will never disappear
He grasped my hand within his own
Through the thick forest grass we let our hearts intertwine
"I love you," I whispered in his ear
And he whispered back in mine

I breathed in deep, my anxiety kills
"The number you have dialed is not available, please..."
Shutting my eyes from tears as gates to a flood
All I could do was drop to my knees
It's almost been a month
We haven't talked since "that" day
My life was swerving and I had no control
Who would have thought things would end this way
Emotions attack logical thinking
Harvesting war within my mind
Sitting alone, drowning in my own sorrow
How could I have been so blind?

Footsteps pattered from behind me
Thank God she finally arrived
"Let me see the results," Mom demanded
My anxiety was revived
She stared at it briefly
Her face remained blank
The weight on my shoulders multiplied
Did she think this was a prank?
"Don't make the same mistake I did," She said coldly
I knew what she wanted to imply
Her hollow heart resonated through her words
"You won't be a product of my mistake," I began to cry

White filled my eyes
Chills tickled my skin
They wheeled me to my fate
Ward 3 - I was in
In the blink of an eye
I was facing reality here
As I shut my eyes slowly
Grief and misery began to disappear
I awake, and a lady enters
She is cradling my "mistake"
She hands me my beautiful boy
"I will name you Blake."

I was struck by his joy
His smile wide and alive
My heart sank, pouring out to his
This child I will never deprive
"You are no mistake, you're fate,"
I assured both him and I
His laughter was harmonious
His eyes; a golden sunset in a blue sky
Our existence filled the empty room
I knew my feelings were true
"I love you," I whispered in his ear
And he loved me too.


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