Angry shadows creeping up behind me;

Grabbing my hair and hitting my face.

Once again, I've let down the ones that love me;

How could I let myself become such a disgrace?


I didn't want to go down this road again;

I was just starting to get my life back together.

But yet again, I've been seduced by sin;

And it feels like this pain will last forever.


Covered in dirt, I scrub until I bleed;

My mind so uneasy that I don't feel the pain.

Only God can give me what I really need;

But there are no blessings I feel I am to gain.


Faces in my face asking me why let this happen twice;

Maybe it's because I never really had a father or a mother.

No, it was not them because I HAD a family that treated me nice;

Then I realized I just wanted to be touched by someone who was not my brother.


Then I scream 'No! No! I'm not going to accept defeat!';

I have not struggled the past 18 years of my life for that.

So I tell failure to take a seat;

Because he will not be taking me back.


I'm getting my mind back on track with my heart and spirit right behind it;

I can feel the focus and determination running down my spine.

I want success, and I WILL find it;

And I know I'm going to be just fine.


I'm not going to waste my life living in guilt and self-hate;

After all I still have so much to move toward.

It'll never be too hard, and never be too late,

For me to keep fighting to move forward.




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