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I am alone

It wasn’t always this way

it wasn’t always so drab and grey

It used to be full of bright colors

flashing lights


That was years ago

That was before He showed up

That was before everything I had ever known changed


I used to be happy

I used to have friends

I used to have people who loved me

and people I loved back


But He took that from me

From everyone

He made everything orderly and straight


‘A new life’ he said

‘A better life’

We believed him

We welcomed with open arms


Then he destroyed us


It didn’t happen quickly

Most didn’t notice


But I did

I noticed how He separated us

I noticed how He slowly turned us against each other

I noticed how He turned everyone to his cause

And I ran


I hid

Hoping against all hope, things would get better

That was ludicrous of course

Things only got worse

Reaching lows I could never have anticipated


I watched

As Neighbor turned on neighbor

Friend on friend

They all reveled in it

They reveled in the pain

The misery

It horrified me


I watched as children

The brightest light of the Earth

Withered away

Or were slaughtered


I watched as the people I loved slowly disappeared

I watched as they lost themselves and became part of It


After the bloodbath only the strongest remained

There were no sick

There were no old

There were no children

Only It

A collective under his control

Submissive to His every whim


With every death I grew older

With every tragedy wiser

With every sound of destruction I slowly lost myself

Until I too was unrecognisable


I am no longer the hopeful spirit I once was

I am no longer the imaginative child

with dreams enough to fill a castle

I am primal


I rely on instinct

An animal vying for survival

Sometimes I don't know why I continue

Sometimes I question why

Why fight when the battle is pointless


Then I look to the sky

Where every so often rays of pure radiant sunlight pierce through the despair


It is in those moments I remember why I am still here


Because when there is light

There is hope

And when there is hope anything is possible




Of course, possible doesn't mean easy

Those who survived became an army

A single entity serving Him

He who filled this world with darkness

He a demon walking among men


I am charged with defeating Him

To honor those I have lost

To undo what has been done

I alone hold the key to his undoing


He is the shadows

And I the light

Together a double-edged sword

But now I have the upperhand

As the souls of the lost strengthen me

I will take back the Earth

I will liberate those few still alive


With those precious few

We can start over

We can learn from our mistakes

We can be better

I cling to this Vision as I set out


To War




I see each and every spirit

Casualties of darkness

And each provides me a reason

Each pushes me forward

And I submit willingly


I am their champion

And I embrace the title

I wear it like a crown

Their suffering is my sword

Their humanity my shield


I will win this fight


Their resilience is my bread

Their tears quench my thirst


I will win this fight


Their presence gives me hope

Their stories light the flame


I will win this fight!




This is not the first confrontation

War is not a single battle

It is long

It is grueling

It is suffering


I have suffered for years

But today marks the end of that

Today marks the end of It

Today marks the end of Him


I have Him in my sights

He stands alone

Confident in his strength

The It are nowhere in sight

But are surely nearby


He has become their meat and salt

It believes He gives them strength

They are wrong

I will give It strength

And freedom

And Hope

So many things hatred disregards

For those things I possess


We are eye to eye

Toe to toe

This ends today

For better or for worse

I am ready




There is no cheering

No evidence of the crowd we have attracted



There is no laughter

No evidence that we are surrounded by living people



Today this war ends


He sprints forward

We begin


Being the so called “Conqueror of the World”

You would expect a large, mighty foe

And you would be wrong


He is small

A pixie who calls himself human

This is a front

His thin limbs garner surprising strength

And his small brain, terrifying intelligence


A small, unassuming exterior lowers guards

Raises trusts

Exposes weaknesses


Such an exterior is the perfect cover

for spite

for cruelty

for exploitation


In battle he is a serpent

But so I am

We are evenly matched


I have something he doesn’t

I hear them now

They whisper encouragement

And give me hope


But he has something I do not




This battle decides which is stronger

Hope or Hate

Freedom or Conformity


It is not a battle of Good and Evil

I strike low and parry his strike

I look for weaknesses and expose them

Just as He does


We are equal in skill

The yin and yang

Two sides of the same coin


One cannot exist without the other

Without the other balance ceases to exist

Balance is the key


I realize this

He does not

I have an advantage


I take it



I stand victorious

Though without valor

I take no trophy


He no longer retains the It

Still He remains

In the shadows

Waiting to strike


Hope reigns

For now

This will not last forever


But when it falls

There will I be


I am eternal

So is He


And this dance of power

Will continue



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