Fort Ticonderoga 1775

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 13:22 -- Jsauder

Fort Ticonderoga 1775


Blue Saxophone

Tied like a yellow bus

I peel and quake

And surround myself

Will I ever grow up? I don't know ?

I forgot to feel

I pulled a tooth out with novacaine

Attached to my heel

So now I scream in pain remember meeting you

I remember needing you

Phantom No Oprah to operate on this opera

I swallowed ocra and dream of orcas who snort coke dust

Just like my step does

But I just foster feelings and hide them in a addict while attics hide

My fears inside i'm attached to some sort of fashion

I'm a blonde ego God who loves a klondike

I'm a big man who really hates himself

So I try to be small and side with the other self inside

While my neighbor ask me to play OUTSIDE …..I can't


Do I shan't or kick for this cause how she held me once I swear this would never end

But it has ..

And New years always end so quick


I never saw the ball drop

So does the world stop

Did we all drop

Like where were you when I had nothing left

Left you all alone yet you stole the ice cream from the fridge

No macgyver to solve these problems

I just left her

told her to solve it

Brb so retarded

These feelings there is no solace you asked us to

Solve it but I do not make rockets so

I let science fail to debunk it

I evolved over these lines

I saw what Zara wanted me to write

Marry she cried

Like I pictured it

all up in a stain glass

I stand stupefied while the years go by so fast

And when we all pass

My fear is that these lines won't last

I fear death is irrelevant and my goals are not relevant and mice are really elephants in a red room

Thats where the saxophone comes in to remind us of our kin you taught that poetry

Is a solvent just like some gin

I grin and think 2016 was a pin

On my board on pinterest

But who cares we all choose to like a difference and never want to be different

We all the same so 2017 will hopefully force a difference

Hopefully I don't have to be the old me

Hopefully the old me sheds to a new me

I'd like to be a GOLDEN CHILD by the sun

I like to be a son

Fort Ticonderoga

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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