Fort of Smiles

Sat, 10/04/2014 - 18:01 -- bekreep


The only me I enjoy is the me I like to hide.

The me not everyone sees is persistently making terrible puns, she makes bizarre faces and calls it fun.

She wears socks with her sandals, shes not at all interested in celebrity scandal.

She loves to lay herself upside down, she's very quick to try to make you lose your frown.

She is not very good at speaking with boys, she's famous for always making too much noise.

She's insecure with every part of her being, she's slowly finding out that life has meaning.

Her coffee is only drinkable if its cold, she's terrified of growing old.

Her family means to most to her, her little sister is her world.

Judgments pass so easily through, unaware of the damage they do.

Face covered and mask intact, the me I am is not who you'll get.

Not everyone can understand why the girl I hide is the girl I am.



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