The Forsaken Path To Sunlight

Everyone has the feeling of loneliness, at least once in their life,

Which isn't a bad thing, because in life if you're caught up with all,

Can you find yourself?

The forsaken path to sunlight,

As I mean the unusual path others don't take,

Never breaks you, but leads you to beautiful destinies,

You may feel as if maybe no one understands,

But up above and everywhere around a spirit which flows ghostly understands,

Could you feel that at times?

Only if you believe,

The forsaken path to sunlight,

You may get broken at times, but you're never really completely shattered,

For up above and around the spirit which flows ghostly has a purpose for you,

So don't you worry when you're alone,

Seeing who you are is a journey and it will be interrupted if you're accompanied,

By the negative, by the darkness,

Oh don't be afraid when the forsaken path leads you to the dark,

Although you'll shine and get out, everything will be alright,

For you got yourself, and as you carry yourself among this path,

Oh the forsaken path that leads you to sunlight should teach you a lesson,

To love yourself, and heal others roaming away and amongst you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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