Formula For a Relient K Song

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 16:09 -- saa003


United States
You gotta start with need. A whole lot of need.
Needing comfort, needing love, needing attention, needing support, needing guidance.
Mix it with self-doubt and the chance of self-destruction.
A touch of broken heart. Or maybe a lot of it.
Then add the tendency to cling. To over think. To fear the truth. To seek.
Here is your rich concoction. It's dark, and it hits hard.
But what it needs is nonsense.
A few good memories.
Some words that make you laugh at the taste.
Remember to put in love, that's the most important part.
Love makes the mix strong, makes it sweet and fun.
The love must be a lasting one, so the spell won't expire.
Then blend it with a sense of faith.
It adds the extra love and forgiveness that nothing else has.
Throw in a bit of magic. Complete your potion here.
The bitterness will turn to sugar.
Your song will now speak the words in your heart.
Play. Replay. Replay.


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