Formalities (table Manners)

Where did people get the foolish idea about table manners?
The same principles of etiquettes do not apply to every country.
Moreover, nobody has the right to dictate groundless formalities.
You do not have to say, “Excuse me” to leave the dining table.
Who says you should not rest your elbow on the dining table?

As a matter of fact, there is no right way or wrong way to set a table.
You can set your dining table as you wish because it belongs to you.
Do not let opinionated people turn you into a fanatic.
It does not matter which hand holds the knife or the fork when you are eating.
Left-handed persons will agree with this, if you know what I mean.

Remember that not everybody likes to eat with a knife and a fork.
Some people prefer a spoon to other cutlery even when they are not eating soup.
The Chinese and the Japanese use chopsticks and bowls.
And in some cultures people eat with their bare hands.
Why do hoity-toity know-alls want to control everything others do?

Many poor people live in shanties and cannot afford a dining table.
They hold the plate in their hand and sit on a step or under a tree and eat.
Who can present rational arguments that it is wrong to do this?
If you do not practise what they call table manners at home and elsewhere,
The ones who think they know a good upbringing say you are not a well-bred person.

People who are too conventional practise things that do not have a sound basis.
A wise person does not sincerely observe ridiculous formalities.
The idea of table manners is nothing but a load of rubbish.
Etiquettes and unnecessary practice should not be foisted on people.
Do not mock and criticize anybody who disregards table manners.

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