Forgotten Roots

What I want to know is

Why there's riots in the streets 

Why people can't afford to eat 

Why my black friends are scared

And hoping that their lives can be spared 

People are a mess 

And they tend to obsess 

Over all of the bad and all of the hate 

Over what might be this country's fate


But do we forget this country's roots 

Before all the pandemonium and the lawsuits 

Back when wanted freedom

When we worked to succeed 

When we chased a dream

When banned together 


The country as one

Neighbors, grandmas, friends and sons 

We were a team 

Fighting together, fighting for good 

Saying yes we could 


The flag flew high 

As we yelled our battle cry

We were one America 

But now all I see is hysteria 

Our love for this country has dissipated 

And it's not what anybody had anticipated 

This is not what our founding fathers wanted 

If they came back now I think they'd be haunted 

By all of the change and all of the pain,

By all of the injustice 

No wonder people say they can't trust us 


So let's rewind 

Take a step back in time 

To when we were one 

One family one country 

When we were young and hungry 

Hungry for the future, hungry to love one another 

When everybody was treated like brothers 


Because we are all equal 

Let's have some love and get rid of the evil 

Let's become the America I know we can be 

Home of the brave and land of the free.

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My country
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