Forgotten and Never Missed...


I hide behind closed doors and fractured walls,

I can feel the rumble as my false protection is being broken down,

The darkness of the night is slowly creeping through the cracks,

I cry for help, I scream, scream at the top of my lungs, and waste the precious air I have left,

I realize nobody will listen to me,

I've fortified myself so deep into the abyss that I'm cut from the human population,

What I would do to see a face, even if it was my executioner, 

And then the rumble comes again, and the walls fracture more,

I slump in the corner crying these wasted tears,

I beg to be seen once again,

I wish to be wish to be normal and accepted but again, just a waste of precious air,

The inevitable rumbling comes again,

I'm enraged, and bleeding a waste of blood, hurting what is a waste of space and oxygen,

And finally with one last thundering rumble, 

They collapse, the walls that falsely protected me, the ones that I built myself,

As the darkness rushes toward me, I feel all emotions,

Anger, Hatred, Sorrow,

I scream for help but no one hears me,

It is too late, 

I've let it engulf me, command and control me, tear and slash any little happiness away,

My eyes turn black, my face emotionless,

No matter how loud I scream for help the darkness blocks it, 

And I just lie down and give up,

A dead child, 

One who will be forgotten and never missed...



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