The Forgotten

They say a pictures worth a thousand words
But the pictures got ripped and burned
Flood up and torn
Natural disasters
And man made lures
Hands of the evil
Minds of the fools
And all you have left
A memory of what once happened
Passed down
From generation to generation
In this game of telephone
Seems as if the 5th
Generation hung up
Lost souls
Tarnished gold
Stories untold
And Now you're cold
Lost files in your mind
Feeling blind
Towards your past
Wish you could rewind
You're in a bind
Moving forward in a line
But you're behind
The sun rose in the am
And set in the pm
Days are speeding pass
Going to sleep but
There's no rest in my head
Lifeless body
Better off dead
Shreds of your life
Scattered across the bed
Nothing more to be said
There's nothing left
Cause pettiness
When you could've just
Been up front
From jump
Call you mean
For just being blunt
Now your stuck
The clock doesn't stop
With all the discrimination
And people hating and rating
Laid up at night
Cuz no one wants to be ready
For the world
Or maybe they are
Its called debating
Arguing at life
But still can’t get it right
Where’s the love
Why all the fights
Put blood sweat and tears
Into the work never credited
Better yet this is a written test
The teacher just shredded it
Why try to make it in a world
Where you’re not wanted
Flaunting over petty things
That never really mattered
At least you thought they did
But who cares about you
In this world full of life
But still trynna get it right
Now you feel bad
Regretting what you could've had
Memories of tainted pictures
Are in the trash
That you would've just
Took the time
To progress in life
Began to mature too fast
And now you are forgotten
All oblivious to the easy things in life
skipped to the challenge
what usually was perceived as simple
in reality was the swindle
And you gave up
Succeeding leads to satisfaction
And the only prize
Is hearing the losers cries
but all you have to do
Is take one step at a time
Just try to figure out why
The tries that you tried
Didn't satisfy
Was it simple or was it common sense
That’s where you get put to the final test
Trying to race the top
But your locked
Closing your eyes
Trying to realize that
Where you are now is all lies
The situation isn't set to stone
You aren't forgotten
And you aren't alone
Put forth your goal
Commit it to the soul
And let it flow

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My community
Our world
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