I said I care about you,

So why did I soon forget about you,

I know promise you wouldn’t forget you,

So why does it feel like I broke my promise to you?

It was your last wish before you left this world,

You wanted me to remember you forever,

I said I wouldn’t because I loved you so much.

I didn’t mean to forget you on purpose,

I’m so sorry that I broke my promise to you,

You meant the world to me.

Sometimes I dream you are still here,

But then I wake up and discover you’re not,

That it was just a dream and I cry.

I will try harder to not forget you,

Even when I think I have forgotten you,

You will always be in my mind and Heart Forever!

For you will never again be forgotten,

And this is my new promise to you!


In loving memory,

My family, friends, and pets


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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