My soul is forever on a moving plain,

passing through the earth on a bead of rain.

No change is seen on the horizon,

everything remains the same.


I am unable to make a connection with life,

every symbol has manifested, every pathway opened.

Yet unfound I remain, as this world continues to stay the same.


How long shall my voice travel unheard?

Running through the air with no recognition of a single word?


Rememberence came yesterday, in the whipping of the night.

my heart flew to your presence, with a single candlelight.

But the hours move in a way that leaves no wake behind;

it steals my door and enters the insanity of your mind.


I cannot retain a spot in your memory;

tomorrow has come and I am thrown into the sea.

Again my soul takes flight on this plain,

for this world will forever remain the same.


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