Forgiveness Isn't Really Forgiving

 Why should I forgive them for? I could hardly stand them anymore... They say I'm over sensitive… but what gives?! I have the right to be When it's all about me! Yes, they give tough love  That I never see the result of… All this time  I though was mine I'm was only a replacement But I guess it's an understatement The only time when we get a day Is when they decide to stay It's hard to forgive  But they also have a life to live… Though I clearly given up They never let up It was a growing concern But it made me disturb They are acting like real friends do But are they pretending too? It may seem like I'm isolated Or maybe my social skills are belated They don't have to hang out with me But they choose when to be They don't have to deal with my attitude But yet they sometimes stay cool… I been so selfish and driven Maybe I should be the one who's forgiven. 


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