"Forgiveness settles it all" they say

The word itself makes my body quiver 

I heard it's an act strong enough to set the heart free and encourage the soul to move on

An act so strong, must ask a lot in return 

If you think it doesn't, perhaps it's best I enlighten you 

To forgive is to let go

To forgive is to let it all go and forget because if not forgotten 

Memories of the anger once buried might awaken and feed on the calmness generating

Thoughts of the pain, hate, destruction, rejection forgiven will revive and consume everything peaceful 

The disappearing scars will tear open from within 

Forgiveness asks to forget it all

But does not give the courage and power to do so

It takes the credit of helping you feel better

Even though it took all your strength and courage to will it

Don't get it wrong

We need the burden lifted from our heart

You need the scars to stop hurting 

I desire for my soul to move on

But forgiveness is not enough to concilate the anger and hurt i feel within

However i do wish to be free

I have to move on 

Therefore, i will forgive 

I forgive forgiveness for asking so much of me

I pray to God to strengthen me to empower forgiveness to help me rid the anger, 

forgive the hate, 

the pain, 

those who inflicted it, 

everything and everyone that asked so much of me without considering my capability and disregarding my will.

I cannot promise that all forgiven will be forgotten 

How can i? It's lights up in my memory every time I look in the mirror 

But I am certain that all forgiven will remain forgiven

Like "a flood behind a wooden door"


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