Forgiven but not Forgotten

It was because I loved you, that I let you go


It was because I could not stand the aching pain


It was because the sacrifices I made were never good enough


It was because the hot tears constantly running down my cheeks meant nothing to you


It was because I could no longer feel free and at ease with you


It was because I could no longer call you my best friend


It was because you could not trust me


It was because you could not value me as a potential lifelong partner


It was because of the ignorance that took over your personality


It was because we could no longer have an honest conversation


It was because I felt numb without you that I could never let you go


I began to think, how could I ever live without you?


Till I began to imagine a life without all the misery that I had been living by


I saw what was best for us


I needed to let you go


To let you go finally set our souls free


It was not until then that I was overwhelmed with happiness


Thank you for showing me what I deserve


"Because I love you" was always your excuse to your wronging 


The words “I love you” will never be the same


Do not tell someone “I love you” just for the hell of it


Words are not enough


Express your love by valuing, respecting, trusting, and believing in the person


That is when you truly love someone


Words can only do so much



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