Forgive Me

I want to leave 

Everyone would be

Better off without me 

I say this cause 

I don't want to hurt anybody

But I already have 

And every time I sit in peace 

These voices say to me 

That nobody want 

Every body would be better without me 

Nobody cares about me 

Then I say I want to leave 

And eveyone I know

Says "no 

You can't go

You can't leave 

Can't you see 

That we don't want you to leave"

I say yeah I know 

But I feel like I need to go 

Can't you see

That I don't want 

To Be 

Im so sorry 

But can't you see there's something 

Wron with me 


And physically 

They say "yes we do see

There's something wrong

Mentally and Physically 

We understand"

No y'allll don't 

Y'all dont get it 

I have hurt you 

But I didn't mean too

I lost control 

But I don't want to lose people 

So I kept it to myself 

And now I'm depressed

And I wish I was dead.

I screwed up 

But I was probably 

Never meant to be.

I'm really sorry.

Please forgive me 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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