The Forgetful Old Man's Dream

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The Forgetful Old Man’s Dream

                 By: Shane Rieken

From within his lonesome chamber, one woeful, rainy night,

The bookshelves that surround him so, fill him with lonesome fright.

The knowledge that he once contained is now a mystery,

For in each page, an empty stage, reminds him of disease.

A brittle boned, elderly man, ripe in his old age.

His rocking chair lay still, his chamber now his cage.

A happy couple in a frame, now cracked before his eyes.

His vision blurred, he then begins to think back to his time.

Whilst traveling within his past, years of unspoken dreams,

A vision like no other, one in which he may now speak.

This vision stands before him, his bones no longer ache,

He finally begins to see the options he chose to take.

The stars begin to twinkle, the night air begins to cool,

To us an elder of our day, to her he is no fool.

A voice eases his troubled mind, a face cannot be paired.

He searches for the source to find a woman atop some stairs.


For she now stands before him, a silence fills the air.

She tells him of their many tales and tells him to beware.

She speaks of love most tender, of passion, care, and fame.

Unbeknownst to him is her motive and her name.

He asks her where she came, her name or her address.

She said to not forget her, that he’ll come to know the rest.

His heart begins to ache, his mind begins to race.

Struggling to understand his eyes then dart awake.

Awakened from his memory, his rocking chair, his friend.

The bookshelves that surrounded him, are now here once again.

His chamber door is open, the fire now burned out.

An old woman stands before him, her now gray hair let down.

She asks him to return to bed, to stop wandering about.

He stares deep into his heart, unsettled by his doubt.

He looks about uncertain, how has this dream come true?

She then spoke the four short words, “Because I love you.”


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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