Forever Me


For so long I have lived with this filter.

It has been so long,

I no longer remember life without it.

Right, wrong.

Life, death.

Good, evil.

These are no longer choices that I can make on my own.

This filter is part of me,

It is my life now,

I have come to accept it.




Just wait.

The longer that I sit here,

The more that I hear.

I hear a thought unlike the rest.

It is not in the same monotone voice,

That I always hear.

It is crisp and clear,

It has a soul,

A lively tone.




Just maybe.

It is my own voice.

Breaking though the filter,

The filter of this world.

So long have I waited,

To hear a voice like this.

A voice that rises above the rest.

Good, evil.

Live, death.

Right, Wrong.

I can see the choices clearly now. 

I now know the difference.

With this voice I can finally see.

And not just that, but there are others,

Just like me.

No longer afraid to rise above.

To go against the flow, 

And turn this current around.


Our choices may change

But our impact will remain,

When we rise above the crowd

And break the filter that goes around.

The filter is always changing

But its purpose remains the same,

To block our thoughts

And the choices we could make.

To break the filter and rise above

It requires





After breaking though

I find that I am new.

No longer can I be defined,

By the words I have placed behind.

Without this filter I am changed,

I am a leader

A fighter

A lover.

Whoever I was,

Is no longer there.

For she was left in the filter,

Where imperfections shall forever stay.

I am new,


And Free.

I am forever me.


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