Forever Haunted

She cries in pain all alone,

no one knows what she goes through each day.

She wakes to screams,

her own you see.

The haunting memories of his hands against her skin;

she cry's softly knowing if she's to loud the pain will return.

He will enter her room and cause her to scream out in pain,

begging to be released,

but that just makes it worse.

He never leaves until she's unable to breath,

covered in blood he leaves her.

She cries,

forever trapped in the chains that bind her to her past.

Never able to forget the pain he's unleashed upon her;

the torture she's forced to endure,

is forever marked on her skin.

You'll still see the bruises,

the scars,

and all of the marks he's carved into her.

Forever there,

this monster will always haunt her.



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