Forever Endeavor


Chicago, IL
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W


Never give up on life like a dream that is deferred, and don't fester like a sore, but soar high in the sky and explode with your sweet words served as a phonetic a la mode; don't stay harsh like the winter, but be chill like Frost and take the road never taken; possess fortitude, stay steady, and remain unshaken; our dreams never end and it’s nothing but the truth; some things in our lives seem obscure and obtuse, but we roll with the punches and let the bad times go; we get a pen and a notebook and let creative juices flow; it breaks equilibrium and our state of mind; we stay fine and live the lush life that was designed for mankind, but we’re a lost generation and fast paced nation; our principles of life have been impoverished and forsaken; fake originality, oppressive personalities, butchering emotions, caring less about our notions. Stop. Now think about it. We need to rewind and solve all of these problems like war, animosity, poverty, and ferocity, atrocity, monstrosity, and all this inequality; why can't people think logically and show some generosity in this society of hate and rage; let's end this debate and just await before it’s too late to change our fates; we need to listen consciously and be better understanders, but everybody chitter chatters just like the Mad Hatter, and we all have dream like MLK that one day, we will rise up as a nation and end our lamentation; only we have the power and keen determination to exceed our limitations and subdue all replication of false representation. I forever endeavor to be a Catcher in the Rye, saving youth from immorality and trying to purify a society diminishing just like a half-life, and with my mind’s eye I peer through the looking glass like Alice in her wonderland trying to escape from a world that’s full of malice, but my dreams are just illusions that will reach no set conclusion cause it’s hard to make a change when people don’t even listen.So listen.This is the end, and I don't dry up like a raisin in the sun; I just have fun making rhymes and poetry, trying to be like Socrates conceiving thoughts philosophically, thinking with higher order skills like with bloom's taxonomy, and elevating like the prices in this wretched economy; You see that's me and it'll always be.



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