A Forever

You took a chance you thought you never could

You learned who I was and fell inch by inch

You thought of me as a best friend someone who would always be there 

Not knowing, just rushing

True in wanting to know more 

Not realizing it was,

Almost a forever


I was there, then left when you needed me most 

After I saw your flaws and couldn’t resist 

I still can’t

Falling for you in the same way, inch by inch

Hated knowing I hurt you

Missing our chance at a forbidden forever


You slipped away as though I can never reach you 

They say there will be better, but I only thought of you 

Someone who saw me like no one else 

Someone who looked at me when no one did

Tho my heart longs 

I know by now you’ve lost the love 

I do hope, one day 

We will both find a forever

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