Forever in my mind

Forever you is mine

I remember when I met you

Damn you really caught my eye

I was standing there stuck as fuck

Cuz you was looking mighty fine

And that’s when I believed forever ain’t enough time


You hit me on my line

And baby you ain’t waste no time

You called me on the phone

And I was cheesing the whole time

Everything that you said just lingered in my mind

And I couldn’t stop thinking bout the fact that you’d be mine


After bout a week, you told me that you loved me

I couldn’t say a thing and when I tried i started stuttering

I was so damn happy I think I even started jumping

All that I could think was “Did this nigga say he love me?”


I know that it was soon but I said I love you too

And to this day I mean that shit

Man I Can’t get over you

But you prolly been moved on

Prolly found a girl for you

I can’t even be upset

Cuz baby you deserve the moon


We had a good time for the months we was together

But I had to go away

And we tried to work as separate

It was hard not being whole

We was putting in the effort

And it worked for a while

Til I met somebody else

And I told you was sorry

I didn’t wanna hurt nobody

And I cried every night

Til the tears were no longer falling

I remember all our dreams

And our plans for after college

Damn I wish I just held on

I just wish I kept on calling

Our plans for the future?

We would have a baby girl

Her name would be Asia

And she’d have her mommy’s curls

You’d teach her to play ball

And we’d give her the whole world

And when I’d look into her eyes

I’d see she Daddy’s little girl


All I wanna say is that you taught me lots of things

Like loves DOES exist

And I hope we meet someday

I wanna look into your eyes

And see all of the ways

That you made me fall in love

And I still am to this day


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