Wandering through life

Losing touch with reality

Facing your problems

What is this

You can't stand to see


It started out with one

Became two

Then three

They come and they come

Fall in love with your everything


It's been forever

Since the peace

The calm

Still the blaming

It's breaking you


The family you love

That you trust

Turn away

Call you a whore

A good for nothing


Say that you'll turn out

Just like your sister

The homophobia

Is strong

Within them


It's terrifying to know

That one day

You'll be shunned

Because of them

It hurts


You keep pressing and forcing

Your life to turn out right

You ignore them

You cry at night

Just to survive


You have less than a year

To make the best memories

To remember their faces

Before they are history

Before you must move on forever


Forever is so long

Forever sometimes feels wrong

Forever breaks your heart in two

Forever may be hard

Forever is best when you choose

What is right.. For you

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