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Imagine a place
Where the light shines
and the pavement is just warm enough
to feel marvelous
A place where there is always
a cool, gentle mist
A place frozen in time
the time when happiness
was not a far off dream meant only
for those children allowed
to go outside without shoes on
the time when love was forever
and forever was never broken
Now remember your past
look upon it with a joyful eye
see the time frozen
just for you
for forever
a forever that will be broken
broken by the unsolvable case
of old age
broken by the dwindling imagination
of adulthood
broken by ever fading emotion
Savor your past.
for your future will forget it
and that innocent time
when you were the kid allowed out
with no shoes
will be lost
and not even you
will be able to image a place
where the pavement is just warm enough
to feel



I really like your poem!

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