Forest of the Mind


Secluded in the forest the mind is absolute.

the silence deafening,

the darkness blinding,

and all the tastes: mute.

It makes more room for the brain in my skull,

to breath and take in thoughts.

it gives me perspective and wonder about the world,

or helps me wallow and rot.

philosophy can be bred,

and penitence shed,

all at the whim of the mind.

Plans are created,

and conversations traded,

all as I lose track of time.

I speak of my home for those who don't know,

The powers of the wood,

It is a place for hard work and though,

whether or not its good,

Depression can set in and goes most deeply.

or Panic that causes time to move creepily,

but happiness is what the forest fosters most.

it causes apprehension to take form of a ghost.

When I find my friends among the trees I learn to take time.

To the forest and the mind

places of absolution and isolation

Whats on my mind?



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