This Forest, I belong

A forest,

Quiet and peaceful,



Within this forest,

Are many trees,

Who are friendly,

To each other,

They are,



And full of,


They also have,

A sense of humor,


They need to be,


To the forest,

They are,




And loyal.



Her qualities,

Amplifies the majestic feeling,

Of her secrets,

Her friends,

Her condition,

Her family,

And her personality.


This forest,

Calm and quiet,  

I can find easy peace,

In this forest.


Her virtues are,


And humor,

And caring,

And friendliness,

And commitment,

And forgiveness,

And loyal.


This forest,

I belong,

This forest,

Is my home.


Should I stay here?

Will it cause my family despair?

Can they still function?

With the loss,

Of a family member?


This place,

This forest,

It makes me happy,

The creatures,

Make me happy,

The peace,

Makes me happy.


I belong,

In a peaceful place.

I belong,

Among the trees.

I belong,


In this forest.


I belong,

In this forest,


To the birds beautiful song,

To the creak,

 Flowing with fresh,

Clear water,

To the wind,

In the early,

And late times,

Of day.


This forest,

I belong,

This forest,

Is my home.

I might just die,

If I can’t stay here.


This forest,

I belong,

I belong in-


The wind feels hot,

Against my skin,

As I see,

 The one person,

Who created it all.


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