Forest Child

My wildflower, forest sprite—

I'll paint you pictures of all your light

For words could not do it justice.


Imagine myriads of stars

Above the velvet tops of trees

—The greenest in the forest for you—

Imagine tiny daisies growing

By your softly treading feet

As you delve into the Song of Yourself


‘A blade of grass is the journey-work of the stars’

But you, my love,

Are the Northern Lights shining

For all the world to see

—Infinite light is your beauty—


And as we look to the sky

—Lost in the Labyrinth—

You’re forever an inspiration

To follow the dreams

That turned sour on us all.


And I know you found the key

—Even if you don't know it—


Because when leaves fall in autumn

In a million colors of solemn sunset,

You are the one they look to

—Forest Child—

To find the hope of springtime.


And you tell them you're not sure

If warmth will ever come again—


But they know,

Solely by your presence,

That spring’s already here.


You see those millions of stars

Refilling your heart?

For everyone you've changed

Is giving back your beauty.


The stars shine for you, love—

But they do nothing more

Than reflect your own light.


You are the springtime

And the sunshine that smiles

Through all the miles you run

To get away from it all


—You don't have to run away from this—


You are the springtime

And the spirit that arises

When all hope has been lost.


And I know you feel otherwise

Because all you see

Is the dead of winter—


But you have no idea

How many flowers

Are about to bloom

Because of your light.


I love you, Forest Child.




"On the assumption that my technique is either complicated or original or both,

the publishers have politely requested me to write an introduction to this book."

e e cummings


I refuse.

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