Foreigner Now Aware

I never knew you, never saw you,

And I heard your name too late.

When I found you, you were gone,

So twisted the ties of fate.

But you left your story, left your heart,

And you still made your way to me.

I can see your face, hear your voice,

Like you never ceased to be.

Your words still penetrate, still stir up;

I can't explain what I feel.

But it's like you're still here, talking to me,

Like the breath in your lungs is real.

I don't undestand, don't know why it's true,

That you chose this for yourself.

You seemed to be healed of the pain in your soul;

Did you ever cry out for help?

I miss you, I love you, and we've never met,

But the gifts that you've left are clues.

Your music, your paintings, your heart, your life--

The world lost a lot when it lost you.


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