Foreign concept



words can’t describe the euphoria I experienced being yours

the timing was never going to be right but for a short time we didn’t care

your honeyed words made me weak at the knees 

Your hollow promises brought a new joy to my heart that I thought previously gone from a time past

my confidence rocketed with false support from a lover who was never meant to be mine

I funnily enough thought that you were real in what you said 

But just like most things. it was all for not 

The honeyed words became less so and more poison filled

The promises once thought full showed their true colors 

And I was left in the same spot as where I started

Empty handed with a bitter heart and fake smile

While you with your eternal beauty we’re high in your castle with your fake new prince forgetting that I was once a reoccurring thought on your mind

And here I’ll stay. start to finish

Our fake future now a foreign concept to my heart

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed


Oh wow thank you so much that means a lot 

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