Forced To Breathe

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 15:32 -- Elijher


The air she is forced to breath only burns inside her lungs;
As she trembles to fall down the wrong path she still runs. 
Her legs broken and feet bleed for every step she takes is the wrong choice; 
The silence screams as it becomes the loudest sound in her own voice. Each drop that falls through her eyes onto her skin burns with another scar;
Watching the makeup sink down her face to wonder if she's taken fear to far. 
Her lips become fragile from the tears she tastes;
Crying through the wounds of her forgotten heart but the chills is not what makes her shake. 
The spine scrapes against her skin as the weight of the world collapses on her back;
Lost light in darkness with herself feeling so trapped. 
I glance the frustration when her eyes fill with retribution permanently;
Coldness that rots my veins but leaves her in uncertainty. 
I could only fall with her through each moment becomes the same;
Leaving her to realize the insanity of this pain. 
Hidden from true beauty can only hope to change;
Before she lets my heart go as hers truly remains. 


Lilith Ever

I truly love this...


Thank You. 

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