Force To Be Reckoned With

Force To Be Reckoned With

a blast of whiskey the summon of the king to appear
a real encounter with Elvis & Zepplin,
from the early 70's sparks a calm to remedy
three at the bar forced to civality..,
under thick chains received
band was on the run kissing cousins all so much fun
these are the years sparked by tears,
throuw a quater in the fountain
some rich peeople choose to through the ashes in a fountain
base they are rich you see falling...calling out the remedy,
sit back bastards with a higher degree
your name is encrusted as distant timber under the leaves
Terror awaits the slogan a notion to rock & roll
splishing and splashing with no place to go,
bust up the beat to promote its tempo

Music across the pond,
a hint to vainly belong
having trouble to the new walk swing
then it rolls its nature from with again
I can dig the premonition from the falling rain,
Stairway To Heaven
not a one stop shopping event to a routine store stop seven eleven
paint a picture from beyond,
leaves None other then Motorhead, "Ace Of Spade" !
brother pray for me brother connect to the falling leaves
transport a super couper honest Alice Vinny Cooper
cast a Flamingo
traverse to haunt the cold chilled places to go
through a river to impress a polished kit cement

Such an encounter in 1969 Jimmy Hendrix and his Experience
in the bushes forced on sex sorry that we met
not a noble jib to eternailze,
playing Star Spangle Banner
In the heavens beyond the moon has landed...

Mercedes Benz a good look always depends
the horse before the cart found a tisk & tasket
Safe behind a squeeky wheel
In conjunction to fly
with words crossing by

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Your words should be on every grave Stone to the realisf rockers of this hole in wall an may the flames of hell guide us to the paith of our enemy's


Dam ur good

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