A Force to be Reckoned With

A force to be reckoned with!!!
By: Alisha Hill
I will develop you build you up, and at the same time tire you down. I am your everything beginning and end yet, you fear me. I am solid and strong, and I cannot be ignored and overlooked. You need me like you need to breathe, yet you play with me string me alone and hide your face from me. You battle me, use and abuse me, and when I fight back you get broken… No man up!!! I had to when I give my all and showed you how much I could be there you turned your back on me and now that I have left you and turned and walked the other way your heart is Torn. what about me, why did all my cry’s go un heard when I needed you why did you turn your back on me? I am a force like no other from years and years of abuse, I have become unbreakable, yet I too still have my weak points. You will learn to respect me, or I will hide my face from you forever. I am a force to be reckoned with, I can install in you fear like no other yet I can be gentile and meek as a bird, you made me who I am you forced me to show a side of me that I never intended to show, so deal with it, because without me there is no hope, you have to have me to live or you will fade away like the markings on the beach when the tide comes in at night on the sea shore, you will stare into the moon light and wish for me and I will escape from and hide from you.. you will look for me day after day and night after night and you will not find me until I say I’m ready and by the time you find me I would have hid from you so long that when you get me back you will cherish me, you will worship the ground I walk on… you will hold on to me forever and never let me go…. I am a force like no other, I am the greatest powerful force of all to be reckoned with… I am Love Alisha Hill 04/14/2018

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