Forbidden skin

Brown mahogany skin rich like forbidden soil of Africa


Deep colored pigment that drips melanin 


Angels rub coconut oil on your skin and harmonize with songs of your ancestors radiating from your bones


Open wounds filled with blood is replaced with fertile soil that holds the caskets of the Sun lovers


Coffee black skin can't get no darker, the sun rays make love to your skin


Wearing chains to wearing gold 

You are gold you shine even though your country doesn't see how much value is under that dark brown skin you wear


The stripping away of each woman's self-being because of society doesn't even tear at the flesh of your skin


We don't tear our skins, they have already tore when the white man whipped us on our backs difference is we are healed


We stand as the healing replica of my ancestors 

We stand as the freedom they spoke from their tongues


Bitter dark chocolate turned sweet

Our body is displayed with authority this is what the white woman is now trying to be


Your Thick hair, thick thighs, and  curvy waist, black is the beauty of you no longer afraid to hide


Every single shed of brown skin was ripped away from our mother land,

We are in a land that's someone else's mother land


Our bodies reside in a uninvited place where we play house


Brown faces all over known magazines,

It's our season 


They say the times are over of picking cotton seeds, Whenever a black baby is born another black body is hanged off a poplar tree


Our skin may be black but we still shine in the dark


One day the soil will cradle our skins and bones ripped and passed from our ancestors 


We will be sent to a place where ears will be filled with Whitney Houston and Karyn White


Where the smells of cocoa butter will dance in our nose


Where the amount of black skin releases so much melanin that the white man is overpowered


Where coffee black skin won't be kissed by the sun because the light is already radiating from us


We will be in a place where our mahogany black skin isn't forbidden

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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