A Forbidden Love

Love is so complicated

That it cannot be tested.

My life appears sugary and sweet,

Because with you, my life seems complete.

We ran hand in hand through the deadly fires,

Our love’s blaze was never meant to expire.

The kisses that you gave me,

Were as sweet as it can be.

Since the time you gave me that ring,

You have become my everything.

I wish our time together,

Could have lasted forever.


However, you became my brother-in-law,

And all of those thoughts were only what I saw.

I will always remember,

When your heartbeat rose for her.

Even if our love isn’t the same,

I just cannot stop playing the game.

If our romance is like a disease,

I will make sure to take it as I please.

Even though we are both friends and men,

Can I keep on loving you again?

Unfortunately, our romance had to end,

The moment my sister became your girlfriend.

I then realize that it was all a mistake,

It was only a dream and now I’m awake.

Some feelings you cannot deny

And a person you can’t get by.

My love for you is so strong,

Even though it is so wrong.

But my heart already knew,

That I could not be with you.

The sweet talk you once whisper to my ears,

Are now hitting me through the form of tears.

You are already part of my heart,

Making it harder to push you apart.

Even if it hurts a lot and tears fall,

I will try my best to build in our wall.

This was the end of

My forbidden love.


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