Forbidden Love

Have you ever loved someone?
Have you ever loved someone so much you would do anything for them?
Be anyone for them.
Go anywhere with them.
In fact, you want to go anywhere with them.
Everywhere with them.
Sail the seven seas.
Sail the seven seas to all seven continents,
All 196 countries.
You want to see the world with them, to be with them forever.
And their touch…
With their touch you melt.
You're the ice cube, and they're a hot summer day.
But alas, this love cannot be forever, it can only, maybe, be a mere moment.
You want them.
They want you.
So why?
Why can you not be with them?
Because even though you want to see the world together.....
You are a world apart.

Your boats are trying to meet at the shore,

But the storm won’t stop….

The waves won’t stop crashing, banging!

Pushing you farther and farther away, but you keep hanging!

Hanging on to that last shred of hope.

Your love is forbidden.
You are to each other are like Romeo and Juliet.
You are to each other like Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.
You're told you can't be together no way, no how.
But it's….no….. No! It won't!
It won't keep you from wanting it.
Needing it.
But the worst part about it know......
You know there is someone else. And if there's not,
You know there will be.
But you also know even against these odds you…
Love them...
You know you would do anything
Anything! To be with them…
So maybe, maybe you will.
Maybe you will overcome the forbiddeness.
Make "forbidden" just another word.

Not, your life.
Overcome everything that is keeping you apart.
Maybe there will be a happy ending to this "forbidden love"
Maybe.....just maybe love will overcome.
Love will show that it is the most powerful thing on this earth.
Show that all these Disney movies may have been on to something.
Prove that if you believe, love, and try hard enough it can happen.
Or maybe............maybe not.

But, that decision should be up to you.


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