Sat, 06/08/2013 - 23:34 -- Myther

For a life filled with connections
I feel oddly adrift
a boat with no anchor
a line with no end
for a person with friends
I feel oddly alone
like a man with no clothes
for someone who listens
I feel oddly deaf
as there are echoes and echoes
but no words to be heard
for someone who talks
I feel oddly mute
as though I am shouting
at nothing but an empty sky
for someone who is loved
I feel oddly abandoned
like a flock with one sheep
for one too outspoken
I feel oddly bland
like I am part of crowd
that plays the same tune
for one so correct
I find myself rightly wrong
when I try to look
and I try to see
the human beings around me
through the eyes
of a single mind


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