Footprints in Sand

Sat, 04/16/2016 - 00:42 -- mr_pink

Moments frozen in time,
The shadow that walks behind me
Through day and fades by night.
This is but a reflection.

What seems so real, only
A neuron that fires, it's wires
Lighting the emotional wildfire
That may surrender us or
Very well may save us.

What will become, these
Moments that make up our mind
Yet may only fill a frame?
What hours of hope in wonder,
What footprints will be made,
only to hide in the rise of the tide.
This is but a farewell.

What makes a man without memory?
He wears well that guise which will
Only ever serve to prove him
a shell.

In memory, we become and
Forgettance, we erode until
Mannequin is all that remains.

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