Fools in Love

I gave you all I had, 
When I had nothing left to give. 
And you took my heart
When it’s all that I had to live.
You say you love me. 
And id give anything for it to be true. 
But if you only knew 
what those words can do. 
I give you time 
that I can not get back; 
I give you feelings 
That I can not retract.
And you say you love me;
You play with my emotions.
Day after day and still 
My devotion lays undisturbed. 
And how I cry every night 
Longing to be as close as I was. 
But love for you is not so easy. 
As you made it out to be. 
The feelings I get when your away
Leave me aching for your embrace. 
Yet you turn a cold shoulder 
And your love vanished without a trace.
But you say you love me. 
And I, such a fool, 
I believed you. 
As such fools do
When they fall in love. 
When they are still in love. 
And when they long for love in return.

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