A foolish mind is a foolish crime

Nowadays it’s no such thing as contestation
They let the gun talk they even have a gun walk
Completely ignorant to fact that innocent people are begin killed
Killed because you think it’s cute to walk outside with gun
Or maybe you don’t give a care about a gun law
Like Lil Wayne say I’m strapped up ni**ga fu**k a gun law
See me walking with a limp that’s my gun walk
I don’t do no arguing I just let the gun talk

Everybody has a right to they own lyrics content
But I really can’t fathom the fact that you think it acceptable
To speak in such ignorance
The younger generation feeds offs this foolishness
Children, young babies getting killed by them own family
Killing they own kids chopping them up
Throwing them in rives and wood you name it
Leaving them for dead
But you think it acceptable to talk about a gun walk

A bullet don’t have no name on it
So when you shooting that man over gang related doing drive byes
That man owe me some money or I just let my gun talk
You need to think of all the innocents’ people
Who have gotten shot down or will
Over your action and self wellness to the susurration
If you change your mentality
Maybe just maybe you could change the world
You don’t react until it’s too late because you let the gun talk


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